2X-Classic/CodeX and SNES/N64 S-Video Bundle

Limited Time Only Special Bundle Package


Get a RetroTINK-2X Classic with a S-Video cord for NTSC SNESes and N64s. We've made it easy for Nintendo fans to get up and running out of the box without needing to hunt for the right cord. This S-Video cable is wired correctly to minimize chroma cross-talk.


Pre-assmbled with a special enclosure by CodeX


Note: This cable is only for NTSC consoles. This will not work with PAL region devices. S-Video will also not work on stock SNES jr consoles since only the composite line is enabled by default.


S-Video cable is a promotional, complimentary item and does not come with a warranty. Consoles in picture not included ;-)


The RetroTINK-2X Classic is the original version of the ultra-low latency line doubler that takes composite, S-video and component analog output from your retro-console and outputs Digital Video to your modern display.


  • Inputs: Component, S-video and Composite
  • Formats: 240p/480i, 288p/576i, NTSC and PAL and PAL-60
  • Output: Digital Video at 480p/576p (line-doubled mode) or input resolution (pass-thru mode)
  • Latency: About 53 microseconds
  • Audio: 24-bit stereo
  • Optional smoothing filter
  • Power: microUSB input. You will need to supply a microUSB power cord and adaptor. The RT2X uses minimal power so a 500 mA phone charger is sufficent. The best source would be the USB port on your TV/monitor.


Do you just need a case? Check these two out:


CodeX: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174279944303

Greg Collins: https://laserbear.net/shop/ols/products/retrotink2x-case


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