Due to ongoing chip shortages, the RT2X-M is out of stock and out of production until further notice.


The RetroTINK-2X Pro Multiformat (RT2X-M) is a new product in the 2X line that supports passing thru 480p content for the newer consoles that are capable of progressive scan component output. At the same time, the 2X-M is capable of zero-lag line doubling of 240p/288p/480i/576i content like the rest of the 2X family.


The 2X-M is NOT a replacement for the 2X-Pro. Please read our article on the differences between the two product and which one might make sense for you. Also check out these videos.


Video Introduction by RetroRGB

Video Introduction by Scarlet Sprites

Video Introduction by RTS

Video Introduction by Raycommend


Key features of the RT2X-M:


  • Professional injection molded enclosure
  • Inputs: Component, S-video, Composite (shared with the green jack)
  • Output: Digital Video
  • Automatic format detection: NTSC, PAL, PAL-60, PAL-M*, PAL-N* and SECAM*
  • Pass thru of 480p component video
  • Pseudo 444 RGB mode for 480p inputs - consider this a bonus and not a selling point until it has been sufficently validated
  • SCANLINE mode
  • Adjustable comb filtering for Retro (notch) and Video (2-D comb)
  • USB firmware upgrade capability - no special tools needed
  • Note: includes microUSB cord for power. Due to the many different types of plugs, we don't include an AC adaptor. The 2X uses an advanced power supply filtering circuit and is tolerant of virtually any USB source. Best would be the port on your TV or display if you have one.


*PAL-M, PAL-N and SECAM auto-detection and support have been implemented in the firmware but only limited testing has been done due to the inavalibility of these devices in the US.


N64 S-Video cable option is only for NTSC consoles. You need a special PAL S-Video cable and a N64 with S-Video support.



  • Sega Genesis and PS1/PSOne composite video generates off-spec signals and may not work correctly. For Sega Genesis, we recommend the HD Retrovision Cables. For PS1, we recommend a PS2 with good quality component cables.
  • We do not recommend the use of Elgato capture cards with our products and cannot provide technical support for Elgato equipment.
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