Our payment processor requires us to ship to the address on the order. Unfortunately, they do not allow us to change the address after the order has been placed forcing us to issue a refund while keeping the transaction fee (~$4-8).

We cannot make changes to the address/phone number after the order is placed nor can we accept liability for loss if the incorrect information was entered.

Please help me by making sure your address is correct. Thank you!


RetroTINK MINIs are not-returnable but all products come with a 1-year warranty. Read our Store Policies for details on returns.


Read Carefully

USPS is currently backlogged. While most shipments will still arrive within a week or two, some locations have experienced delays of a month or more. However, it is almost impossible for a domestic USPS shipment to get lost -- it will eventually arrive.

Please understand that we have zero influence over the progress nor can we provide information that is not contained in the tracking #. Please do not contact us requesting otherwise. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not order.


Read Carefully

Due to the current situation, international shipping via the postal network is extremely slow. We have two options:

1. USPS International - this is less expensive, however as many postal carriers have declared force majeure, we can no longer accept liability for lost/delayed packages. We strongly urge that you use DHL.

Please understand that we do not have any control over the postal network. We cannot influence the movement of the package, nor can we contact the post office for "status updates". The postal network processes millions of packages, they simply will not respond to inquiries in a meaningful manner, and there is nothing we can do to change that.

2. DHL - this is more expensive but will usually arrive in about a week and is fully tracked. We will take full responsibility for lost parcels. We strongly urge you use DHL for international shipments.

Once again, again if you are not comfortable with the possibility of shipment delays, over which we have zero control over, please do not order. Virtually all packages arrive safety, unfortunately some slower than others. However, we simply do not have the time to respond to constant requests for mail package updates that we have no control over.


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