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Store Policies

RetroTINK is a tiny operation. We therefore respectfully request that you read our store policy below to help us best serve you. Most of the below have never been unnecessary but must be stated for our own protection. Thank you very much for your attention.


  • Double check your shipping address. For our own protection, we can only ship to the address you specify. Address changes require us to cancel then re-process your order. In this case, we cannot refund the fee that is kept by the payment processor.

  • Under no circumstances are we responsible for lost packages if sent to an incorrectly filled address.

  • We cannot mark international packages as 'GIFT' or below their true value. We do not wish to commit customs fraud.


  • Products can be returned within 14-days for any reason. Please read below for instructions.

  • Ship to unit back to us. Returns will be processed once we receive and inspect the product.

  • Returns must be in original condition with all accessories.

  • Damaged units may be subject to an additional restocking fee or rejected.

  • Defective units will receive a full refund plus reimbursement for a reasonable return shipping fee.

  • Non-defective units, including incompatibilities (see next section), will receive a refund less the original shipping cost.

  • Defective covers devices that fail to meet its original manufacturing specifications. Defective does not cover various incompatibilities or issues related to noise that are unrelated to the device itself. Please read the next section regarding incompatibilities. 


  • Due to the almost infinite number of variations of devices and signal chain setups, we cannot be responsible for factors out of our control.

  • This includes Genesis/32X and some PSOne models that have issues related to their noisy composite output producing an incorrectly colored or black and white image.

  • Under no circumstances can we guarantee functionality on modded consoles and/or consoles operating outside their original intended format.

  • Furthermore, we can only assure acceptable image quality and functionality from OEM S-Video cables, OEM component cables and cables manufactured by HD Retrovision, Retrogamingcables, RetroAccess, and Insurrection Industries

  • Special note on noise: The RetroTINK devices have minimal filtering to preserve the original detail and look from your console. Depending on the age of your console, the quality of your power supply and the quality of your cables, the output image may be contaminated by noise. You might not see the noise when connected directly to a TV, because your TV is adding filtering that, among other things, introduce lag and artificial smearing.

  • We cannot assure any level of noise performance for consoles not using their original OEM power supplies.


  • All RetroTINK products are covered by a limited 1-year warranty.

  • Warranty does not cover deliberate or accidental damage to the product.

  • Send the unit back to us and we will cover outbound shipping.

  • At our discretion, we will repair or replace the device.

  • As above, the Warranty does not cover incompatibility or claims of noise that are not RetroTINK related.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards rude or hostile behavior.