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RetroTINK-4K Blur Busters Approved!

We are extremely grateful and honored to have the privilege of working with Mark Rejhon, the legendary Blur Busters.

The RetroTINK-4K (RT4K) contains a "Blur Busters Approved" Black Frame Insertion (BFI) engine with a wide range of customization and flexibility. This allows the user to counteract the motion blur induced by sample and hold displays (LCDs and OLEDs) to bring the motion clarity closer to a CRT, especially in cases where their display has no native BFI support.

In addition, Blur Buster was also kind enough to help assist with developing film-handling material. The RT4K contains an experimental inverse telecine engine, architected by Blur Busters, to recover 24 fps film material from telecined 60 frames interlaced or progressive sources. This can further be combined with the the BFI engine to simulate film projector strobing to simulate a cinema experience.

There is a licensed Blur Busters Approved logo on the bottom of every RetroTINK-4K!

We are very much looking forward to a continued collaboration with Mark and Blur Busters to improve the capabilities of the RT4K in the coming years.


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