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RetroTINK-5X Pro Firmware Updates

Updated: Jun 6

Version History

June 5th, 2021

Version 1.24 Download Here

  • SDTV LPF has now four settings: Off/Light/Medium/Strong.

  • DTV 858 Optimal Sampling for 480p sources is now enabled for 1440p output modes. Please set your display to "16:9" for the correct final aspect ratio.

  • Scanline generator now has 25%, 50%, 80% and 100% (integer) modes.

  • 480p style scanlines can be applied to de-interlaced 480i content.

May 26th, 2021

Version 1.2 Download Here

  • 480p sources (4:3 aspect only) now use automatic optimal sampling/phase (858 pixel DTV) when the output resolution is 1080p (FILL), 1080p (UNDER) and 480p. This brings pixel perfect sampling to 480p games on DC, PS2, XBOX and GCN. When active, the 'Generic 4:3' is replaced with 'DTV 858' under the 'H. Sampling' Menu.

  • Improved standard definition LPF to reduce noise without compromising sharpness.

  • Fixed chroma offset error resulting in 1-2-pixel wide color shifts (big thanks to Fudoh).

  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio flag that caused 4:3 squeeze on 1080p modes.

  • Fixed 720p gain control error that caused variable brightness.

  • Fixed scanline generator bug that caused false colors on bright scenes.

  • Fixed 720p stability issues in pass-thru and down scaling.

  • Fixed some sync problems:

  • Fixed NEOGEO sync for AES and MVS-1F consoles. Activate fix by entering NEOGEO optimal timing mode.

  • SMS should be stable now as long as the 'LPF' is enabled.

  • Both fixes seem to be most reliable with HDRV cables. You might need to cycle back to the NEOGEO mode in some cases. For frequent NEOGEO users, I would still recommend a MVS-1C based system.

  • Added 576p and 1440p output modes to 288p/576i/576p sources.

  • Improved 'no-signal' detection to prevent glitched output when source is removed.

  • Minimized glitched image during resolution changes.

  • General improvements in clock stability.

Warning: Only update your device using the tools provided below. Attempts at any other method will result in non-warranty device failure.


1. Download the FTDI D2XX Drivers and install.

2. Download the RetroTINK Firmware update tool and install by unzipping and running RT_FWUP.

3. Download the appropriate HEX file from above.

4. Plug your device into your computer's USB port while holding down the 'Menu' button. The LED should be RED indicating update mode.

5. Run the RetroTINK Firmware Update tool. The installer will have left a shortcut on your desktop.

6. Hit 'Search'. You should see 'FT232R USB UART' appear in the box.

7. Hit 'Load HEX' and point to the .hex file you downloaded.

8. Hit 'Flash'. The update process should start. If the window freezes, that is okay - the update should complete after a minute or two. Just be patient.

9. Your device should reboot and be ready to use.

10. If you accidentally interrupt the process, just start over from step 4.

Big thanks to RetroRGB who was kind enough to put this video together. He was generous enough to make this video. Please do not contact him for technical support.

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