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Capture Cards!

Before RetroTINK, I didn't even know streaming was a thing. We're really happy to have been introduced to the streaming community and that so many of you are using our devices for your videos.

Unsurprisingly, we've received quite a few questions about the best capture card (that would be the DataPath E1S) as well as many technical support inquires, related to products made by some major manufacturers. Unfortunately, we (RetoTINK) simply don't have the resources or time to serve as a technical support representative for companies far larger than us.

However, thanks to our friend Adam Taylor (EposVox), we may have a very inexpensive and simple solution for you. Check out this video. Links to getting the card are in the description:

We've just checked it out and can confirm, that on our NTSC SNES, the image quality is quite reasonable and there are no audio desync issues on OBS. Here are the settings we used:

And here we are!

Again, we simply don't have the resources to be technical support for 3rd party products, but we hope that this is a good solution for all of our streamer friends.


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