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Introducing the RetroTINK-2X MINI

We're proud to announce the latest addition to the TINK-2X family: the MINI. One of the biggest requests we've received has been offering more affordable products at a lower price point. At the same time, we noticed many users only needed composite and S-video connections.

With that in mind, the MINI is built upon the new Pro platform but removes the component inputs/scanline generation and some other internal parts that do not affect image quality. Combined with investing in a large production run, we are able to deliver the MINI at a much lower price: $69.99 MSRP and include a bundled SNES/N64 S-video cable.

Key features of the MINI include:

  • Zero-lag line doubling of composite/S-video sources to 480p/576p

  • Smoothing filter

  • Universal compatibility with NTSC/PAL/PAL-60

  • Injection molded enclosure

  • Same advanced power supply filtering as the 2X-Pro/SCART

  • Selectable notch/comb filtering for composite sources

  • Firmware upgrade via USB for at least the initial production run, though this may be removed later to save cost

While it does not have scanline generation or component video inputs, the MINI can also do some interesting things that the Pro can't:

  • PAL N64 S-Video support with NTSC cables. We've designed a custom input circuit that allows PAL N64 devices (the models with at least partial output circuitry) to use ANY common NTSC S-video cable, including the one that comes bundled with the MINI.

  • Both the composite and S-Video jacks can be used at the same time. The MINI automatically selects which source it first detects as active. There is only one set of audio inputs, but you could use a Y-splitter for connecting a S-Video console and composite console at the same time.

  • Improved audio capture that hopefully solved some of the edge case sound incompatibilities.

Mario 64 on PAL N64 (NUS-001 EUR) -> RetroAccess NTSC S-Video cable -> RT2X-MINI

The MINI will replace the Classic, which is now End of Life. The MINI is currently in production and will be ready for sale late summer/early fall. No pre-orders are necessary and when they arrive, there will be plenty of inventory for everyone.

And stay tuned, as we have even more announcements coming down the pipeline!


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