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The 2X-MINI takes the same technology that has powered the rest of the TINK2X products and puts it all in a simple, easy and fun package. 


The MINI is the ideal companion for N64 consoles and includes a bundled N64 S-Video cable for the best possible image quality from an unmodded system. In fact, the 2X-MINI is even compatible with S-Video capable PAL N64's using the included cable!


  • Professional injection molded enclosure
  • Inputs: S-video and Composite
  • Output: Digital Video
  • Automatic format detection: NTSC, PAL, PAL-60, PAL-M*, NTSC-443* and SECAM*
  • Adjustable comb filtering for Retro (notch) and Video (2-D comb)
  • USB firmware upgrade capability - no special tools needed
  • Note: includes microUSB cord for power. Due to the many different types of plugs, we don't include an AC adaptor. The 2X uses an advanced power supply filtering circuit and is tolerant of virtually any USB source. Best would be the port on your TV or display if you have one.


*PAL-M, NTSC-443 and SECAM auto-detection and support have been implemented in the firmware but only limited testing has been done due to the inavalibility of these devices in the US.


CAUTION: Sega Genesis and some models of PSOnes do not produce off-spec signals and may not display correctly. For Sega Genesis, we recommend using a RGB/Component cable with the RT2X-Pro or SCART. For PSOne, we recommend using a PS2 as there are no known issues.


NOTE: All MINIs ship with the original v1.0 firmware. The v1.0 firmware contains the necessary code for the factory to program the anti-piracy measures and perform QC checks. Firmware upgrades will be posted when ready.

  • User Manual

  • Return Policy (MINI only)

    RetroTINK MINI orders are non-cancellable. We do not accept returns of the RetroTINK MINI for any reason, but all units are covered by the standard 1-year warranty.


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