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Modernizing Retrogaming

About Us


I'm Mike Chi, the guy behind RetroTINK. I'm an old school electrical engineer and an even older school gamer. After a 15 year hiatus, my obsession is to create products that enable us to relive our childhood video games on modern AV equipment.

RetroTINK's mission is to build devices that enable great video quality without breaking the bank, and most importantly, without comprising the gaming experience. In 2018, we released the 2X, our first "mainstream" product. The 2X is an affordable line-doubler that converts the signal from retro-consoles to a format the modern TVs can display, with minimal lag and visual distortions. We were truly surprised and honored at how well the community received the 2X.

Today, we're full steam ahead on building new toys. In my engineering career, there has been nothing more rewarding than seeing our toys enjoyed by gamers around the world!

RetroTINK is named after Tinky, my Holland Lop rabbit

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