Check out my interview on RetroRGB. Thanks Bob!

February 3rd, 2018 - Normal production time at ~2 weeks give or take depending on load. Note: When you place a Paypal transaction, your order is automatically added to the production queue. You do not need another confirmation. Please contact me if you do not receive a shipping notice after 2 weeks.

October 28th 2017 - RetroTINK-Ultimates are now back-ordered due to high demand! If you've placed an order already, don't worry, it will be shipped out by next week.

October 16th 2017 - Lakka image updated with the latest 2048 x 240 timings! The settings are derived directly from the NES/SNES and provide close to "perfect" NTSC output, including correct chroma sub-carrier generation. For users of the Ultimate, especially if you are using composite or S-Video, I recommend this as the way to go.

October 10th 2017 - Website has been overhauled! Information about the upcoming RetroTINK 2X line doubler has been posted. Stayed tuned for more exciting developments. I'm planning on updating my Raspberry Pi instructions, Lakka/RetroPie images and writing up technical details.

October 2nd 2017 - RetroTINK Ultimate is now ready! The Ultimate replaces both the old S and C models. The units are built to order. Choose which output options you would like in the checkout link. Video Demo Here.

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RetroTINK Ultimate
RGB, component, S-Video and composite video hat for the Raspberry Pi for 240p Retrogaming